We had our slowest week of summer so far!

Our last full week of summer ended up being so easy, so slow and the perfect long summer days that you dream about.

It’s tomato toast season!

Max taught Emilia how to tie her shoes.

Corn on the cob season too!

We started this big puzzle. Have had so much fun working on it.

The best big siblings!

We took Max to hockey and they both love to watch him.

Coloring and veggie straws on the face.

Buffalo chicken for salads. This was freaking good.

Last minute Target run. She is my daughter.

Then Emilia had kindergarten orientation!! She asked me to do her hair “curly with one straight braid.” So I did think and hoped for the best.

She is my little dream girl.

I can’t even tell you how sad I am that she will be gone all day. She is the happiest soul. I don’t know what Jordan will do either!

I’m so excited for hockey season!! I love it about 84357439857 times more than baseball.

This is my life now.

Also this is some of my laundry room in the new house!!!

One of the best house salads I have made lately.

This is Max’s favorite indulgence. A graphic novel, a pumpkin muffin and a panera smoothie. I can’t with him.

They’re both still running cross country like champs!

Making some progress.

Emilia’s favorite thing is movie nights. PJs, popcorn, etc. Unicorn headband optional.

And these are all the back to school supplies we have to take in. I would be lost without the hulken totes!

Just a few more days of summer left!