35 weeks into the year!

And we had a big week with the start of school.

Pool day first.

Meet the teacher!

This kindergarten girl. My love!

She is the best.

Haircut for the big boy.

Got to snuggle baby Sebastian.

Max is obsessed.


No hair cut for the little boy yet. Gah.

Ice cream with grandma before school starts.

He loves “ice kweem.”

First day of kindergarten for this little love!

Max didn’t want to smile with his mouth open but he was so excited for third grade!

This little nugget has no idea what to do with himself now!

I have no idea how she does this pose. Seriously no clue. I’ve asked her and she’s like “I don’t know mama!”

Now Jordan gets some one on one time with his cousin!

Time to water the plants.

We love cross country!!

Cute little runners.

Fave baby.

Last night Emilia put this on after her shower and said “let’s have a dance party!” Cue T Swift.

I made peach cobbler… maybe the last of the season!

And today we swam with friends! Sweet summer end.