august favorites

A peek at everything I loved in August 2023! 


Trader Joe’s peanut butter crispy rice bites. These are chocolate covered rice crispy squares and they are incredible. Oh my gosh. We love them. And they are individually wrapped too – the perfect treat.

Pop Daddy Pretzels. I discovered these last month and fell in love. I’ve tried the pickle ones, beer cheese, cinnamon sugar and smoked gouda. They are SO good. I love that they are thin pretzel sticks, instead of the thicker ones like Dots.

Good & Gather Whole Grain Dino Nuggets. There is nothing we love more than my crispy chicken cutlets. But in a pinch, the kids LOVE these. I love the Good & Gather brand!


Scout pleasure chest cooler. This is the perfect size to stash drinks and stuff for the kids. They are running cross country this fall and I keep gatorade, water and some fruit/snacks in this. I absolutely love it.

Bluetooth label printer. This may be the best thing I bought before school started this year. I bet I’ve used it 100 times already!

Recyclable honeycomb packing paper. This may be crazy that I’m talking about paper, but I adore this stuff. This is what I have used for packing things up in our house and it’s incredible! And so easy to use. I will forever use this over bubble wrap, peanuts, etc.


Burberry Goddess perfume. This is such a delicious, warm scent. I bought the rollerball and it smells sort of early 2000s-ish, but in a good way.

Dior Lip Glow Oil in cherry. Loving this so much – it’s so SOFT and makes your lips feel like heaven. This is such a fresh pop of color too.

Rare Beauty Mesmerize highlighter. This is a repeat favorite but oh my gosh – it’s been on repeat ALL SUMMER LONG. It’s the one summer shade I can’t live without. I use it as eyeshadow and highlighter both.


Square neck wide leg jumpsuit. I bought this during the nordstrom sale and I love it. I have to wear it with heels but it is so cute, can be worn so many ways – throw just about anything over it. It’s casual but can be dressed up too.

Define Relaxed Jacket. I ADORE THIS!!! I got it in the green color (obsessed with that color right now) and I love the way this fits. It’s so easy and breezy. Perfect for fall.

Farm Rio Havianas. I love this collab – the flip flops are so fun! I always have a pair of havianas on hand.

Loose fit cropped t-shirt. I love this so much, I have it in four colors. And I hate cropped shirts!! This is so good, so cute, the best material. Just a lululemon dupe.


Beach Reads and Bubbly Instagram. This was my new favorite discovery this month. I love her!!

You, With A View. I read a ton of books this month. This was my favorite, recommended by Katie above.


Lovevery Play Sink. This sink that comes in the lovevery box is AMAZING. Jordan absolutely loves it (so do the older kids) and it entertains him for at least an hour – sometimes longer. Unfortunately it only comes in the helper box, but I get the boxes and we just all love them. They are the most played with toys in our house.

New Balance fresh foam shoes. With both kids are running cross country, we got each a pair of these new balance shoes. They love them – they are very supportive and comfortable. They want to wear them everywhere!

Preschool travel busy board. This is such a great car toy for Jordan. He loves it. So does Emilia, haha!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]