tuesday things

1. We have those red lantern flies all over and guys I can’t even handle this – as we were walking out of the baseball game on Sunday, one FLEW INTO MY MOUTH. You know how much I absolutely loathe bugs, so I’m basically dead now.

2. This pistachio butter looks incredible.

3. The amount of time I spend on adding emojis to my texts just to convey my EXACT emotions… is insane.

4. 7 tips for an intentional day.

5. Emilia is obsessed with brushing my hair, which is the best thing ever. It’s like a massage.

6. 15 Julia Childs quotes to live by.

7. TV things!! So much! The Summer I Turned Pretty… omg that last kiss – best one I’ve ever seen on TV. I also watched Red White and Royal Blue which was amazing (especially if you’ve read the book). Also, And Just Like That. Aidan. Oh man. I don’t know what to think. I just don’t need to see… any of that. Haha.

8. I’m very interested in making fizzy fruit.