Hello September!!

This is how our week went!

With both kids in school, Jordan just has no idea what to do with himself.

I’ve made many batches of pesto for the freezer.

Piano at grandma’s.

This is the face when grandma sneaks you a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.

Why does Emilia have a better wardrobe than me? Boots here.

Had a little back-to-school night at the kids’ school.

Early morning running cross country!

They are loving this.

First Pitt game!

How is he eight?!

We went and snuggled baby Sebastian.

Emilia came downstairs in this outfit. Also so much more fashionable than me.


I can’t even handle Emilia’s googles here.

They all just laid by the pool and played.

Then had more snuggles with baby Sebby.

And now I’m feeling like fall can really start! Even if it’s going to be in the 90s this week…