We had a lovely short little week!!

And the kids had their first cross country meet today, which was SO FUN.

We ate some bruschetta pasta salad all week.

I bought Emilia these uggs almost 2 years ago at an end of the season sale. They finally fit!

Watching the zamboni clean the ice is the highlight.

These two play together so well during Max’s hockey practice. Jordan convinced her for some “baby oreos,” as he calls them.

It was so much nicer to sit in a freezing ice rink and not in 92 degree heat. Honestly I think I could live in Alaska. I hate the heat, period.

This sunset was stunning at cross country practice!

Hot and humid but a popsicle saved the day.

First little cold of the season. Oh gosh. Last year he was sick from November to March. I hope this year is different!

This may be my favorite room in our new house. The pantry!

And today, the kids had their first cross country meet!

Emilia was so emotional towards the end. Oh my gosh, it was so sweet. She said “I loved it so much and it was hard!”

They are in different age divisions so we got to watch both!

She did amazing!

So did he!!

And so happy to be done!

The energy at this meet was amazing and so wonderful! Everyone cheering for everyone and the kids loved it so much. It was such a great end to the week!