We had a big week over here!!

And a very big birthday for Eddie!!

Okay but first! The start of the week.

Remember our favorite fall tree I showed you last week?!

Look how much it changed in a few days!

This is how Max was doing his homework one day…

And Emilia’s outfits give me LIFE.

The most gorgeous end of summer sunsets!

Then it was time to make dada a cake.

Funfetti for the win.

This is how Emilia and Jordan play during hockey.

Jordan in Jordan.

Emilia loves when the heaters come on over the bleachers.

Then we sang happy birthday. I mean… do they look related?

They are basically quadruplets.

Wearing our neon for morning cross country practice!

And we spent a little time with our cousins, where everyone loved on baby Lucy!

Today we had another cross country meet! The third week in the rain. Ooomph!

It was chilly and rainy and Jordan basically ran around for hours.

Take a good look at those curls!

First there’s a walkthrough…

Then the race!

My happiest girl!

Max’s race is next. He has to run a little longer.

I love this pic of him!

Then we got home and I cut Jordan’s hair. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, I love that he does this to “hide” from us. He thinks he is playing hide and seek here. It’s my fave.

Anyway, I had bought hair cutting scissors (that sounds real professional) on amazon a few months ago and cut five inches (!!!) off Emilia’s hair before school started. I have called twice to get Jordan a hair cut and this place hasn’t called me back, so I just decided to try it.

Still super curly and it may be a mess in the morning, but at least it’s a little cleaner!

And that’s the week! HAPPY FALL!