We’ve had the craziest week!

We ended up moving this week, and let’s just say that moving a family of five, even though it is just a mile down the road, is a lot of work.

First up, I love this outfit Emilia picked out.

We ended up starting our move on our 15th wedding anniversary!!! Thankfully Jordy had lots of company and adventures and lunch dates while we packed.

Wednesday night the kids had a fall fun night for school. I didn’t want to miss it!

Sunset hayride.

This one laid in the grass and played with the cats for much of the time. I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t end up in a career that involves her love of animals!

It was so beautiful out!

I snacked on these all week while packing. They are SO GOOD.

Then! The kids ended up not having school due to a water issue. Oh my… this was an unexpected twist in our packing and moving.

But we did it! Um, we hired pittsburgh moving and I just have to tell you that they saved our life. They were INCREDIBLE. If you are moving in the area, I highly recommend them.

This is my new kitchen window (minus the trim, ha!) where the sunrise comes in first thing. I am obsessed.

And here’s a peek at the kids’ rooms before they are set up! Max’s love of geography…

Jordan loves all things cars and vehicles….

And the unicorn rainbow cotton candy girl wanted a colorful swirl.

She is in heaven. I was so worried about the kids because over the last three years (how long we’ve been in this process) they have mentioned a few times about being sad about the move, not wanting to leave their house, etc. They have been SO GREAT. So happy and excited, no tears shed. I think it helped to see their rooms packed up, and then have all their stuff at the new house.

This is one of my favorite rooms and you can be sure I am going to rainbow order those books ASAP.

Halloween cuties!

In the midst of all this, Eddie and I forgot we had Eagles tickets for tonight!! We really had fun at the show almost two years and thought we’d go again – I mean, he adores them.

So that was our fun anniversary night and nice break away from the unpacking. We’ve been unpacking every inch all day, every day.

And now, new adventures!