I spent the majority of the week in boxes, trying to unpack. Why does it feel like I won’t be unpacked for ten years?! I think because the kids still have so many activities and school and stuff.

The fall colors outside of the kitchen windows!!!

And we get the most stunning sunrise right here every morning.

I attempted to make dinner one night amidst the boxes. A salad… went to grind some salt onto the lettuce and the entire thing opened up. I can’t even remember what we ended up eating instead.

Emilia had ice skating!

Little BFFs.

These trees are just insane this year. So vibrant and pretty.


Oh hi, I’m a cookbook author.

I took Emilia to the Taylor Swift movie!!!

She got alll the snacks. I don’t think she has had a special night out – just her – before? Or not in a long time. Anyway, the movie was incredible. A little too long for her on a Friday night but she loved it.

Max is playing flag football. It’s so cute.

And then he had two hockey games this weekend!

I love hockey season.

Cutest boy on the ice!

Max was already on ice skates at Jordan’s age. Eeeep.

All the pizza after all his sports. I must start actually cooking this week!