How is it the end of October!!!

Also, first matching PJ pic in the new house!

A little reading time in the library.

Basketball action.

Jordy making his own breakfast.

Cutting the berries eats up so much time.

Tacos are life.

It was so warm this week. Some days hit 75 degrees!

Getting ready to go to a pumpkin decorating party!

S’mores halloween board!

And what else is better than a pumpkin beer with a cinnamon sugar rim?!

This was so fun!

Jordan especially loved it.


Cutest kitty.

The light in my new kitchen is incredible!

Perfect for halloween m&m cookies.

It was a cousins weekend!

Baby Lucy is just delicious.

We finally got up some Halloween decor! I almost skipped it and just did Christmas.

We also got to hang with Coop and Sebastian!

Cutest boys.

Ate all the snacks.

Played with all the toys.

And we’re ready for a new week!

Jordy’s hair.

I love them!