tuesday things

1. We don’t have any appliances with clocks in our kitchen and I am losing my mind! I never know what time it is now.

2. Per the above, this is a nightmare for someone who is chronically early and hates to be late.

3. How to fall in love with your life.

4. My current favorite snack is a toasted bagel with cottage cheese, flaky salt and a hot honey drizzle. Perfection.

5. TV things!! Still loving The Morning Show and Lessons in Chemistry. Also loved the Taylor Swift movie so much!

6. What kind of procrastinator are you?!

7. It truly feels like it will be years before I’m fully unpacked in our new house. Give me all the tips please!

8. I’ve been raving about how much I adore the platform ultra mini uggs. Well, I got the amazon version in the green and they are just as good for much less. Woohoo!