tuesday things

1. This looks like the best pumpkin bread ever.

2. Out of all the things I lost while packing… I can’t find our dinner plates! I got rid of old ones, bought new ones and now can’t find them anywhere.

3. I also lost one of the kids’ socks and underwear and didn’t find them until yesterday. Where? In the dresser drawers they were originally in!

4. How to get things done.

5. So I’m thisclose to putting up my tree tomorrow.

6. And I am so excited for all the holiday books! Christmas everything please. Also, I listened to the Britney memoir and oh man. It was gut wrenching.

7. Speaking of, our school book fair is this week and it is the highlight of the month. The book fair instantly transports me into elementary school again.

8. TV things!! I watched Pain Hustlers on netflix and thought it was pretty good. Also still loving The Morning Show.

9. The types of clothes you can declutter. I love this! I’ve been in major declutter mode since moving.