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2023 Gift Guide: Under $25 & Best Stocking Stuffers.


Gift guide week is HERE! We’re kicking this off with the best stocking stuffer gifts – these gifts are all under $25!

I love making gift guides and this is crazy – it’s my 13th year making them. This is always my favorite gift guide to make. It’s easily the price range where I find myself buying the most gifts – whether it’s for a grab bag family gift (we pick names in a few instances in our family and it’s GREAT – highly suggest doing this if you haven’t yet.), a stocking stuffer, a teacher gift, a work gift, etc. And I have SO MANY IDEAS for you here.

Most of the things you’ll find in my gifts guides won’t be a huge surprise – I’ve talked about most of them throughout the years in my monthly favorites posts. There are repeats from years past, because I want to make sure I’m recommending something I have, use, gifted and/or love. However, I’ve scoured the internet and lots of my favorite places to curate a guide of things I really, truly love, and plan on gifting. This is my favorite list!

As usual, I’m sharing gift guides in addition to my regular content, so if these aren’t of interest to you, there will still be new recipes and/or Crumbs content every day!


Everyday Dinners! My newest book is current under $20 – the best price I’ve seen so far! I have no idea when that price will change, so stock up for some holiday gifts!

The Pretty Dish. My second cookbook is also listed under $25 right now – a fantastic price for gifting!

Lidded Tree Mug. These are the star of the show on my hot cocoa bar this year.

The Sandwich Shop Deck. My ideal perfect gift.

The $10 meat chopper. I have 3 of these and use them every week. Even if someone doesn’t love to cook. these are absolute GOLD for making basic meals.

Lulu Twist Headband. I use these every morning to workout. It’s the most comfortable one.

Bubble Wrap Calendar. This seems like the most fun!

Mini Saucepan. This is beautiful and so cute.

OXO Chopper. This chopper is incredible. Great for anyone who hates chopping onions, celery, carrots, etc. It works like a charm.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers. These are my newest obsession. Especially for hockey and outside sports.

Makeup Eraser Eye Mitts. Love these for removing eye makeup.

Compact Mirror with LED light. Give me all the good lighting.

Fabric Shaver. The BEST. This removes those pesky little balls from furniture or clothing. I love it.

Venetian Garden Taper Candles. These are absolutely stunning. I love decorative tapers.

Wine Stain Remover. OBSESSED. Practically want to buy this on subscription. Great for the wine lover or even just a fun stocking stuffer.

Rainbow Wine Rings. The prettiest way to claim your glass.

Mike’s Hot Honey. A stocking stuffer that can do no wrong. I put this in Eddie’s stocking every year.

Ice Roller. I love this so much for headaches and stress. It totally wakes me up in the morning too.

Porter Salad Bowl. These are such high quality and make incredible gifts. This bowl is perfect for the work week. Whether you work in or outside of the home, prepping lunch ahead is a key to success. I make salads for lunch (minus the dressing) and store them in here and they stay great for 2-3 days.

Striker Match Holder. The colors are gorgeous.

Scratch Off World Map Tracker. Getting this for Max. Love this for the travel lover too.

Kitsch Satin Scrunchies. These are EVERYTHING. I use them daily. So great for your hair and I have gifted them to friends already.

Bistro Salt and Pepper Shakers. They are just too cute.

Relaxation Wireless Headphones. I bought this for two gift this year. Very excited!!

Fidget pen. I love the holographic one!

Garlic Grater Dish. My dad got me one of these and I love it. Also perfect little piece of decor.

Nostalgia Perfume. Cozy cashmere is my favorite.

Claw Clip Set. One of my most used items everyday.

Milk Frother. Coffee, hot cocoa, liquid IV… I use mine for everything.

Travel Paris Scissors. So cute.

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Socks. My most favorite socks ever.

Mug Warmer. Love how portable this is.

Winter Dogs Puzzle. I got this for Emilia. And we all love it.

Good Boys Dog Easel Calendar. Absolutely love it.

Truff Hot Sauce. I have gifted this for years. It’s SO good.

Truff Black Truffle Salt. This one is new to me and I love the idea of gifting this!

Screen Cleaning Wipes. I buy these every year and keep them in my bag. So good to have on hand for my phone.

Sprinkles of Joy. The self care love deck.

Square Zip Jewelry Case. I got this last year as a gift and love it!

Peppermint Chocolate Sticks. Perfect for a hot cocoa bar.

Heatless Curl Set. I love my set. They are comfortable too!

Foodie Ornaments. I plan on sharing an entire kitchen tree post, but how fun are some of these!

Brightland Champagne Vinegar. For those with good taste!

mini gold whisk. Who could pass this up? LOVE it for a stocking.

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster. I love having this on hand. The perfect gift, but one you don’t want to buy for yourself.

Mini waffle maker. We have one and the kids love it so much. Also great if you just want a waffle for yourself.

Good Vanilla Extract. Any kitchen lover will love this.

Foodie dice. I think these are so fun to help decide in what to make for dinner or meal plan.

Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate. This is a classic – and also a great hostess gift. It’s so rich and the creamiest hot chocolate.

Cast Iron Pan Conditioner. Everyone who loves to cook needs this.

Spicy Chili Crisp. The best chili crisp ever.

Rainbow Stainless Straws. Super fun stainless straws. I’m always up for rainbow neon.

Wine Stoppers. I’ve been using these for the last couple months. They seal up the bottle of wine so well.

Amazon Smart Plugs. Can’t beat these. I use them in my house and they are excellent. The kids love them too.

Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes! The perfect idea.

Sprinkles Baking Set. Who doesn’t love the confetti?

Le Creuset Mini Cocotte. I have one of these and love it for serving dip.

Rose Gold Tea Infuser. I think this is so pretty for loose leaf tea.

Luxardo Cherries. This is something I adore gifting! The bougiest cherries that are perfect for cocktails and kitchen lovers. You’ll want the entire jar.

Pastel highlighters. I love nothing more than good old fashioned pen and paper. And when something needs to be highlighted, these are what I use. They are so pretty.

Honey Spoons. I love an edible gift!

Cheeseboard Markers. Super practical for the cheeseboard lover.

Cheeseboard with Slicer. So is this – and the price is fantastic.

Ink and Volt Notepads. I’ve raved about these for years now. If you know a stationary freak, get them a few of these!

Glass straws. My favorite reusable straws are the glass hummingbird straws. I love that you can see inside and can tell if they are clean or not.

Citrus juicer. This is one of those things that everyone needs but rarely buys themselves. Get a good one!

S’mores Kit. I would be elated to receive this.

Cheese Knife Set. This is one of my favorite hostess gifts to give.

Lilian Dish Towels. And I love these ones too.

Toaster Tongs. A practical little gift that pretty much everyone needs.

Beeswax wrap. I use these everyday. They are a great practical gift!

Golf in a Tin. I love this stocking stuffer!

Watch Roll. An excellent price for the watch lover!

Simple Modern Matte Tumbler. The prettiest matte tumbler!

Personal Popcorn Popper. Love to have this on hand.

Bloody Mary glasses. These are so super fun!

100 movies scratch off poster. I want this every year. I think it’s such a fun concept.

Acrylic cord organizer. I need about 10 of these everywhere! Everyone can use them.

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above where I make a commission from products purchased. Thank you for reading! xo]

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    8 Comments on “2023 Gift Guide: Under $25 & Best Stocking Stuffers.”

  1. Excellent gift guide.  So Many good ideas.  Thanks for all your hard work putting this together.

  2. All nice ideas!!!

  3. A heads up! None of the Anthropologie links are working for me. 

    • oh no, really? they are working for me. what browser are you using??

      • My iPhone and iPad. So Safari? 

      • Works on my laptop.  So maybe it’s something with my iOS? It’s strange because only Anthropologie doesn’t load. Maybe my husband decided I needed to give them a break. 😂

  4. I LOVE your gift lists and suggestions. This time I got the personal popcorn popper. I’ve purchased several items suggested for kids too and all have been great. Oh, and your recipes are perfection too. Thank you.

  5. OMG, the best Gift Guide yet!!  Just bought at least 10 things from your list and checked off so many gifts.  Best thing is, I feel I found some unique and personal items that my friends and family will love.  Thanks for all of your suggestions!