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2023 Kids Gift Guide! A Ton of My Kids’ Favorite Gifts.

Sharing my 2023 kids gift guide! All our favorite things for babies and kids, trusted toys and gifts that we love the most!

I say it every year, but this might be my favorite year of the kid’s gift guide yet!

Now that I have an 8 year old, a 6 year and a 2 year old, I feel confident in what my kids LOVE and enjoy playing with the most. This list hasn’t changed a lot this year – in fact, many things stay on it as Emilia moves into playing with some of Max’s things and Jordan moves into Emilia’s. One thing I left off the list because it’s so extensive: LEGOS! Max and Emilia are absolutely obsessed with Legos and build constantly.

And as usual, you can find a few kids favorites in each of my monthly favorites posts.

You can see some of our other favorites here: preschool favestoddler faveschildren’s books, and more! I’d love to hear below what you would include on this list too!


Lovevery playkit subscription. I started this for Jordan when he was born and we have adored it. These are the most played with toys in our house.

Little Sleepies PJs! If you read my week in the life posts, you know how much we love these PJs. They last for so long, are so soft. The best! I also have a discount code for you (not sponsored)! Jessica15 will get you 15% off.

Rainbow Loom. Max’s current favorite thing. He makes bracelets for hours.

Paint brush cleaner. I can’t get enough of this. Just bought three for the kids.

The Big Dig. This is what Jordan is getting this year. How fun!

Toy sink. We have the lovevery version of this and it’s wonderful. Provides hours of entertainment.

Yoto Mini Player. This was one of the best buys of 2023. Emilia uses it every single day and night. It’s fabulous.

Balance bike. Jordan is getting one this year! The other kids had them too and loved.

Nerf target set. This is on Max’s list, of course.

Folding balance beam. We have this and all three kids love it. It’s so nice and portable too.

Tamagotchi. Got both of the older kids one of these. Brings back memories!

Digital bookmark. We have a few of them and Max and Emilia love them for reading.

Scribble Scrubbie Pets. Emilia LOVES these. They provide a good hour of entertainment.

Simple Modern kids tumbler. This is the best tumbler out there and now there is a kids version. It’s perfect! No spilling.

Chunkies Paint Sticks. One of our favorite things to color with.

Babiators. My favorite sunglasses for kids. I’ve been using them since Max was born and they are indestructible.

Anywhere Chair. All of my kids have these and we love them.

Pottery Barn Anywhere Couch. The couch is wonderful too!

Anywhere Beanbag. And last year the kids got the beanbags. Great for reading.

Baseball beanbag toss. This is on Max’s list. It’s fun!

Super Mario Light up alarm clock. This is also on his list. He has a boring alarm clock. I think he will love this.

Mushroom table lamp. My kids are all obsessed with lamps on their dressers and nightstands. This is too fun.

Twee Fancy Chalk. This is one of my favorite gifts to give. Any kind of fancy chalk is super fun.

Hill House Rainbow Robe. All three of my kids have these. They are so cute, so fluffy, so warm, so perfect!

Baseball Hall of Fame book. This is a great gift – Max will spend hours looking through it.

MLB stadium pinboard. New decor for Max’s room!

My First Play Table. We got this when Max was one and still use it constantly to this day. I’ve since bought two more in different sizes.

Widgeon Fleece Jacket. Perfect for little babes – this is a velcro closure instead of a zipper!

Sports Speaker. I got this for Max this year and I’m so excited!

Micro Mini Scooters. Get the ones with the fancy light up wheels! They are so fun.

Barbie Dream House. A classic!

Mondo Llama Painting Set. I can’t tell you how much these save me. I buy them every season. The kids LOVE them. I love that once they are finished, the paint is done and can be tossed.

Magnatiles. This has been one of the best toys we’ve had – as long as we’ve had kids. Max still loves playing with these at 6 years old and Emilia loves them too. They build together and play separately.

1000 Things to Eat. Another book we LOVE is this 1000 Things to Eat. We have all the versions of this too. Max especially loves this one right now.

Melissa and Doug One Stop Shop. Another item that we bought years ago for Christmas – both kids still love this. There is tons of imaginary play that goes on in our toy room, and this shop is a huge part of it.

Melissa & Doug Cool Scoops ice cream set. We have older versions of this. One of the biggest hits in our class.

Melissa & Doug Grill & Pizza Oven set. Thinking about this for Jordan this year. All three kids still love play food.

Babiators. My favorite sunglasses for kids. I’ve been using them since Max was born and they are indestructible.

Illustrated Harry Potter Books. Max got these years ago and he and Eddie read them all. Now Emilia’s into them.

Super Smalls play jewelry set. All of the super smalls stuff is fun and cute. Emilia loves it.

Rainbow Unicorn Rollerblades. Actual unicorns.

Ugg slippers. I can never resist uggs at Christmas. It works since it’s freezing here!

Waterproof Sorel boots. These are the boots both boys got this year. Excellent and look nice dressed up too.

Bogs waterproof boots. These are our go-to rain and snow boots!

Big Coloring Posters. These are a huge hit. The kids love them!

Fat Brain Tobbles. Another gift I love to give. Super fun to play with.

Duplo Bath Toys. I got these for Jordan this year and am so excited!

Color Changing Raincoats. My kids got these as gifts last year and they are just amazing. So super fun! We have the umbrellas and boots too. They are such a great gift.

The Nugget Play Couch. We have two nuggets and they are EVERYTHING. The kids play with them for hours.

Doona Liki Trike. The Doona car seat was by far the best purchase I made with Jordan. Last year he got the trike and it’s awesome!

My Big Wilmmelbooks. We love books in this house, but these are the ones my kids can get stuck in for a good while. It’s almost like a where’s waldo, but with scenes. We have every version, we always travel with them on road trips and they are really fun!

Construction Plate and Utensils. We love these plates! Max is a little too old for them now but Emilia has days where she loves them (especially the utensils) – and these are SO fun for young eaters that I had to include them again. We love these.

Car Road Tape. This is a repeat from last year because it’s a life saver. On a rough day, I pull this tape out and place it all over the house. The kids instantly have a road/race track/etc and LOVE it.

Type Set Co Boards & Letters. The kids got these for Christmas last year. The letters are SO pretty!

Yeti In My Spaghetti. One of our favorite board games.

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above where I make a commission from products purchased. Thank you for reading! xo]

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  1. Hello and Happy Thanksgiving 🦃! What is the basketball item in the picture for the gift guide? Thank you!

    • this sports speaker!! i got one for max for christmas! (i got him the baseball)

  2. I absolutely love your holiday gifting lists! Thank you for saving me so much time and making shopping for gifts they will love so easy! I used the Kids List and the Stocking Stuffer List and feel ahead if the gifting game and it’s still November!