This is our fullest week of the year!

Here’s everything we did.

My adorable babies at school drop off. I love this time!

You don’t even want to know what I’ve been finishing up shooting in my kitchen!

Tuesday was my birthday! Lacy brought donuts from Prantls. aka, the best.

How to keep babies entertained during skate lessons.

This time of year!!!

This is where things get busy! Max had a hockey tournament this weekend. He scored the first goal of the first game!

We celebrated Emilia’s birthday too!

And my dad, who turned 70!

But that’s not all, we actually have five birthdays in this week.

Dreamy mermaid cake.

Bella christie cake is so good.

Always need some chocolate and vanilla.

Cutest little cousins.

The fog was crazy the next morning.

Hockey break on the lake.

I adore this boy.

So cute.

Then we went and celebrated Cooper’s third and Sebastian’s first birthdays!!

We had so much celebrating this weekend, it was so fun.

Had to have a little chill time in the afternoon.

We went out to dinner and to the pens game for my dad’s birthday.

Then we woke up to celebrate little Lucy’s baptism!

She is the most adorable chunk of love. I could eat her up.

I mean, the cheeks!!!

And that’s that… now we’ve got another full week!