tuesday things

1. I’m always up for a fried quesadilla.

2. Everyone seems to be decorating so early this year! And I don’t mean on social media. I mean, I can see neighbors christmas trees in the window and I am loving it.

3. On that same note, I am loving this calm christmas podcast. There is also a book that I listened to. But I really like the podcast since it comes to small doses.

4. All I want is for starbucks to bring back the eggnog latte.

5. Also!!! I am going to the Mariah Carey christmas concert in December. Um, does it get much better?

6. How to give gifts when everyone already buys everything they want.

7. One more holiday note: these awesome freezer sugar cookie cut outs are back at Target. I used these for cookie decorating parties last year and they are amazing.

8. Today is my birthday but honestly I will forever feel 17. Or 23. Or 27!