1. HOW IS IT SO DARK OUT!!! I know, we do this every year. But gosh. It is SO dark by 5pm. How do we live our lives in the evening?!

2. Half and half chocolate chip cookies. Oh my gosh.

3. Going to do a big holiday Trader Joe’s run this week and can’t even wait. What’s your must have?

4. We’ve been in the constant cycle of sickness since school started. With a family of five, it’s like it cycles through everyone just in time to start the cycle again. I don’t remember this happening when I was a kid.

5. These quirky food pairings! Um, of course I can do #6.

6. TV things!! Oh how I loved the end of Lessons in Chemistry. Also, Black Cake is so, so good!

7. I need some ideas on how to “warm” up my new kitchen and house. I still haven’t bought anything new, so I’m open to all suggestions! I want it to feel cozy and lived in.

8. Christmas movie style icons. I love it.