1. Going to see queen of Christmas Mariah Carey in concert tonight! I can’t even handle it. Hello sequins.

2. Pretty sure I need to host a raclette party.

3. This is the season that I fall in love with everything red. Red clothes and shoes, decor, kitchen items, you name it. I have to remind myself that I only love it for 25 days out of the year.

4. TV things!! Oh man, I am loving Black Cake. Also, the two episodes of Virgin River were very cute, even if they are rather boring now. I also finished The Crown and just felt so uneasy after.

5. The worst christmas candies of 2023. What do you think?

6. My obsession with uggs is off the charts. I feel like I’m back in 2006.

7. What’s your cookie personality?! I want to make ALL of these! Especially the buckeye cheesecake ones.

8. Eggnog lattes on repeat right now. I want to make eggnog cold foam!

9. How to create a slower holiday season. It’s already going so fast.