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My Winter 2024 Reading List!

Sharing all the books for my winter 2024 reading list today! I am so excited about all of these – having a list of books to go through for the season is super helpful and gives me something to look forward to. You can find a little bit of everything here!

My favorite kind of reading post! I get so ridiculously excited about a good book list.

I live to curl up on the couch and read an entire book. Those days are rare now – most times it’s me staying up half the night to get in my favorite reading time. The kindle oasis has also changed my life because I can read in the school car pool line, etc. I take it everywhere! And these lists mean that I have options right in front of me to choose from. I’ve been sharing what I read every month and of course, you can find all of my reading lists right here.

What’s on your list to read this season?

P.S. all of the links below go to, which supports your local indie bookstores. Please shop there when you can! I am an affiliate and do receive a small percentage of your purchase.

My 2024 Winter Reading List

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store

Recipe For A Charmed Life

The Heiress 


The Unmaking Of June Farrow

First Lie Wins

The Fury

The Other Mothers

The Bright Spot

Flores and Miss Paula

One In A Milennial (1/23)

The Friendship Club (1/23)

Diva (1/23)

Family Family (1/23)

Come and Get It (1/30)

The Mayor of Maxwell Street (1/30)

Clover Hendry’s Day Off (1/30)

Good Material (1/30)

The Women (2/6)

The Uncharted Flight Of Olivia West (2/6)

Everyone Who Can Forgive Me Is Dead (2/6)

A Love Song For Ricki Wilde (2/6)

Private Equity (2/13)

Fish Out Of Water (2/13)

A Fire So Wild (2/20)

The Hidden Life Of Cecily Larson (2/20)

Bye, Baby (3/5)

Sylvia’s Second Act (3/12)

Expiration Dates (3/19)

(This post is not sponsored but there are a few affiliate links above. Thank you!)

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    8 Comments on “My Winter 2024 Reading List!”

  1. I love these lists and refer to them often when looking for something to read. Thanks for sharing them. 

  2. I’m currently reading “The Frozen River” and I’m already in love. I know it will be my first 5-star of 2024. It’s giving me “The Nightingale” vibes.

  3. I live for your book content!  Thank you for putting this list together- I’ve already added several to my list! 

    I just finished the Heiress and it’s probably my second favorite Rachel Hawkins book right after Woman Upstairs 

    I also received an ARC of Bye, Baby and blew through it on a cold afternoon- I think most people will like it! 

    I am most excited for Kate Kennedy’s One in a Millenial coming out on Tuesday

  4. I have been waiting for you to post this! Can’t wait to compare to my TBR list and add your recommendations.

  5. Lovely covers,interesting stories, thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I’ve read some of these! The Other Mothers and A Love Song for Ricki Wilde were SO good. The new Kiley Reid and Rachel Hawkins were disappointing!

    Thanks for this list–with two little kids, I only want to read fun/well-written things that are easy to get into and this helps so much! My last four have been great: Fourth Wing (almost done), The Other Mothers (see above!), The Thursday Murder Club and Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match (quirky and fun!).

  7. Mercury was so good!! I listened to the whole book on a roadtrip! 

  8. You HAVE to read “The Frozen River” by Ariel Lawhon