January has felt like the longest and the shortest month!

Here’s what our week looked like.

Crazy pretty winter sunsets.

Still very much on the yogurt bowl train.

This makes me feel like I’m 10 years old!! In a good way!

Valentine princess, coming right up.

And valentine prince! Took him to mall where he ran all around.

Made many house salads this week.

It was warm enough for the park!

Also made lasagna soup.

Max had a hockey game.

The zamboni is his favorite part.

Oh and playing with his sister!! They can play together for HOURS. It’s amazing.

Goal for Max!!!

Everyone was excited.

Celebrated with a pretzel bigger than his head.

Happiest girl ever.

Matching Jordans for everyone.

We tried to do overnight curls in Emilia’s hair. It didn’t really work.

This was about as wavy as it got!

And that was our week! xo