1. These blueberry muffins look incredible.

2. I’m thinking about getting a blanket ladder. But up until now I didn’t even like them! Now that it might work in my space… are they a yes or a no.

3. Tiktok and reels took me down this spiral of the Lenox Spice Village that has been discontinued for 35 years!! Now I’m convinced I need it. Like why.

4. TV things. I watched Fool Me Once… it was okay, but seemed very long and drawn out! Then I got sucked into the whole After movie series. Geez.

5. Tell me why It’s Complicated will always reign supreme as the best movie ever.

6. Can you get behind the pepsi + milk drink? Eeep. Don’t think I can.

7. Do these things at night to master your mornings.

8. I love Valentine’s Day clothing and decor. I’m forever 17 years old. The red and pink combo is just so fab.

9. The fact that it is already January 16th is blowing my mind!