tuesday things

1. I secretly still get giddy when I drive by houses with their Christmas lights on. I wish this was a thing until the end of winter!

2. And yesterday it was still very bright outside past 5PM and it felt like an awakening. Amazing.

3. This chile relleno casserole looks incredible.

4. The shimmer markers that Emilia got for Christmas have turned into my favorite thing of January.

5. Would you use ranch flavored lip balm? I’m a no. But I’m also not a huge ranch person.

6. TV things!! I’ve tried to start Only Murders in the Building for many years and never get into it. Well, now’s the time! Because I can’t find anything else to watch.

7. Ridiculously excited for one in millennial to come out today. Pretty sure it’s right up my alley!

8. Speaking of, I saw an article that maybe Gen Z could bring malls back to life. I love the mall. I hope this happens.

9. Per the above, I’m sure it’s from my adoration of mall madness back in the day. Best game ever.