tuesday things

1. I still need plants in our new house! Like, greenery. Do fiddle leaf figs scream “I’m too much of a millenial?” Can I get a lemon tree for inside my kitchen? I need to know these things.

2. Been on a big potato soup kick over here.

3. My obsession with all things Valentine’s Day is off the charts. Can I wear red and pink hearts forever.

4. Love the idea of writing a personal contract.

5. TV things!! I can’t find anything to watch. I need a new very bingeable show please.

6. I can’t believe I’m even saying this. Because I hate true crime things, especially scary things, especially since having kids. But I discovered the podcast called Love Marry Kill and have been listening to a few episodes and got hooked. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

7. 10 important time management principles.

8. Why is getting hiccups as an adult about 89 times worse than when you’re a kid?