What a week!!

We had such a beautiful weather week! It was so warm(ish) and sunny.

We eat a lot of oranges. Ha.

Warm enough for park snacks!

This babyyyyyy!

Oh my gosh. Look at this sourdough focaccia dough!

Okay, a ton of you asked about sourdough in my last post. This is what I’ve done this time around to be very successful! I made a new starter. Into a jar, I combined 15g organic rye flour, 45 grams organic bread flour and 60 grams room temp water. I mixed it together and then for the first week, I fed the started once a day. Starting the second week, I fed the starter every 12 hours, so twice a day. I do this around 7am and 7pm!

This has made my starter super strong. I didn’t try to bake with it at all the first few weeks. I probably gave it four or five weeks before trying to bake.

Also, I got this home for my starter, which has been a game charger, because I like to keep our house cold. I also use these proofing mats, which have been another game changer for the same reason.

Now, I bake stuff almost every day. I use this recipe for sandwich bread. I’ve tried a few others and I love this one the most.

I use this recipe for pizza dough. It’s the best I’ve ever found. I also use her recipe for english muffins! I’ve been making them once a week.

I still feed the starter twice a day, with 15g rye and 45g organic bread flour. When I make a leaven, I use all organic bread flour, as that is what I bake with too.

Let me know if this helps!!

My little diggers!

Tuesday nights we have hockey and skating late, Jordy runs wild.

Neon girl.

This little house was in our basement for years! Since Max was 3. The kids love it.

This weekend, Max had his last basketball game! After, we went to an end of the season party while Eddie took Emilia and Jordan to…

Monster jam!!!

Loved it!

Jordan especially loved it, this was his first time.

Made a lot of fruit plates this weekend for my valentines.

Went to a galentines party saturday night and made these cute little heart caprese skewers!

This morning, Max had a hockey game. He had a HAT TRICK!!! Woohoo!!!

Emilia and I made a candy salad for super bowl party/valentines day. She ADORES gummy candy.

Fun and cute!

I wish I was celebrating valentine’s day all year.

And now, go Taylor!