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February Favorites.

february favorites

A peek at everything I loved in February 2024!


Purely Elizabeth Chocolate Chip Cookie Granola. This may be the best store-bought granola I have ever had. It’s SO good. My kids love it too.

Salt & vinegar pistachios. These are irresistible – the best salty snack. If you love salt and vinegar chips, these are incredible.

Favorite Day bunny bait. A snacky staple this time of year – it’s a great little weekend treat. This goes for all easter candy, anything in an egg shape is superior! Like dove peanut butter eggs, peanut butter m&ms, lindt eggs and more.


Sourhouse Goldie. This has been a HUGE game changer for my sourdough starter!! I keep my starter in this and it rises and falls like clockwork. It keeps the temperature stay consistent and high enough – at a temp that I don’t even reach in our house.

Raisenne Proofing Mat. On that same note – this has also been a big help for my actual dough. I’ve been using it for all sorts of dough (I like our house to stay cold) and it helps it to rise quickly and efficiently.

iHome multiport charger. I’ve mentioned these before but they are a lifesaver in both our house and my car. We have so many things that have to be charged and this streamlines them a bit!

Matte hot pink wrapping paper. This paper is fabulously neon and I think it’s going to be my signature wrapping! I adore it.

Acrylic necklace hanger. I bought these for my delicate necklaces and they come with sticky backs – they are so pretty! And you can really stick them almost everywhere. Super useful!


Unconquered perfume. I discovered this through scentbird and it’s incredible. Warm, some musk, a little coconut, but not summery. New favorite perfume!

Summer Fridays lip oil. The pink shade is this is so pretty – it’s so light but is flattering with just a little color. This is so, so moisturizing, it’s wonderful.

Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut body oil. I use this daily after my shower, it smells exactly like sol de janiero. I love that it has a pump and I mix it with body cream.


Target sandwash sweatshirt. This is an exact (maybe even better?!) dupe for the lululemon softstreme sweatshirt at a fraction of the cost! It’s incredible. I have black, green and purple and I love them so much.

Gap vintage neon pink sweatshirt. Hello, all I’m going to tell you about today? Sweatshirts! This neon pink sweatshirt is another huge fave this month. It’s perfect. And you’ll notice a theme. I’m obsessed with red and pink.

Beyond yoga spacedye leggings. Like these red and pink leggings! Red + pink is my favorite combo to wear – it is so fun, happy and bright!

MZ Wallace box tote. And this too. I got it at christmas, it’s a big of the splurge but fits so much. And the perfect color combo! I live for a crossbody.


The Women. Best book I read in February, period. Heart wrenching in the best way!

Breakfast in a Nancy Meyer’s kitchen. This is the best playlist ever.

Starstruck on HBO. This is SUCH a fun and funny show. I love it! And there are enough seasons to get a good binge in.


Tulip puff paint. Makes me feel like it’s 1995 again. The kids LOVE using this. Like absolutely love it.

abercrombie kids ypb hoodie & pants. Emilia finally fits into some of the abercrombie kids stuff and these sets are SO cute. They are exactly like the spanx air essentials material – so silky, soft and lays so nicely. Looks super high end! Also, protip: never buy abercrombie at full price. There are constant sales for 30-40% off (kinda like jcrew does) or even more.

Melissa and Doug take along train set. Jordan got this for Christmas and it’s the best toy ever. He loves trains and this is so easy to pack up and move around the house – but also take with us. It’s definitely going to be a travel essential for us!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    3 Comments on “February Favorites.”

  1. What is this great looking stuff in the picture? With the m&m eggs!!

  2. We’ve become obsessed with Uglies potato chips in our house, they are like kettle chips or cape cod chips but better somehow, the sweet potato ones are favorite, I have gotten them at Home goods but now Walmart is carrying them too. Used to love puff paint. I think we used to make t-shirts with something like it too. It was awesome. Anything from The Gap brings me right back to high school.

  3. I am hooked on Elizabeth’s granola Vanilla chocolate chip. I have not seen the chocolate chip cookie in the store. I buy it at Target as it’s $5.89 and this week 25% off with circle.