1. Broke down and made a candy salad which is just a bowl of… gummy candy! Fun for Valentines.

2. The most beautiful persian love cake!

3. Jordan accidentally ate a jalapeño from a plate of nachos. I realized it once it was too late. He was confused, but didn’t… hate it.

4. Where to subtract in your life.

5. TV things!! I watched One Day. Ugh. I was not super into it at first. It didn’t seem like there was a lot of chemistry to me? THEN, I did get in to it. THEN, it ended. Oh no. Tell me if you watched it.

6. Favorite super bowl commercials? Mine was definitely the Ben Affleck/dunkin’ one!

7. How to do the hurkle durkle. (p.s. I hate staying in bed!)

8. I want to try one of those wet vacuum/mop combos. Any recs?