tuesday things

1. Mini croissant cereal!! I can’t even handle it.

2. Currently reading The Women and in true Kristin Hannah fashion, oh my gosh it’s fabulous.

3. Life and death of the american mall. Ugh, I still love malls so much. I don’t want them to totally disappear!

4. While I’m talking about something incredibly 90s, I should also tell you that I just miiiiight be going to see Boyz II Men this week. I mean… !!!!!

5. TV things!! I started watching Feud on FX. The cast is incredible. Also watched the J Lo film. s

6. The joy of getting organized!

7. While we aren’t really fully unpacked yet into our new house, we have SO MUCH MORE organization that we did before and so much less stress.

8. On that same note I’ve becoming fully obsessed with lighting and how to perfectly light a room for ideal ambiance. Every room! Everyone in this house is quite annoyed with me.