tuesday things

1. Tuesday is basically my favorite day because new books release every Tuesday. It’s a rush to my reading loving brain.

2. This lime chiffon pie!! Looks so good I can taste it.

3. Our weather is so weirdly warm that I’m already gathering my summer essentials. Like what? Please don’t let me down with three feet of snow.

4. How to get better at active listening.

5. TV things!! Oh man, new season of Love is Blind sucked me in and WOW. AD is my favorite. I also watched Anyone But You and I loved it so much! Def a rom com I’ll watch over and over.

6. Gilmore Girls is an endless buffet of TV comfort food. I could not agree more! It’s my go-to background show always.

7. My current obsession is a sourdough pizza dough sandwich. I will tell you about it soon!

8. The Cheesecake Factory is thriving. Not gonna lie, I still love it!