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What I Read In February 2024.

There were so many great reads this month – especially two that I still can’t stop thinking about!

Let me know what you read down below.

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Maybe Once Maybe Twice – 5 stars

Oh my gosh. THIS BOOK!!! It will probably be one of my favorites of the entire year. This is everything I want in a romance novel. The story follows a girl who, at two different points in her life, made that cute promise of “if we’re not married by the age of 35, let’s get married” – to two different guys. I ended up loving both guys and just had NO IDEA what was going to happen. Even when I thought it was over, it wasn’t! This is such a good one.

The Women – 5 stars

Another fab one. I have been reading Kristin Hannah for over 20 years – long before she started writing historical fiction. Some of her early romance novels are my life long favorites. With that being said, this book is absolutely heart breaking but wonderful but real. The story follows a woman (and friends) who decide to join the Army Nurse Corps and head to the Vietnam war. But it’s also so much about after that. As usually happens with her books, I was an emotional basketcase! So wonderful and heart wrenching.

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store – 4 stars

This was my mom’s book club pick in January and I knew I had to read it! She kept talking to me about it, so it’s been on my list. I knew it wouldn’t my usual light hearted read so I stuck it between two romances. This story follows a town in Pennsylvania and is sort of a murder mystery – a skeleton is found and the story is transported to the 1920s/30s. It’s a time when the town was split between the Black community and Jewish immigrants, and the town comes together to save a young boy. Heartbreaking and wonderful. Such a good story!!

Come & Get It – 4 stars

I LOVED Kylie Reid’s first novel and was so excited about this one!! The story follows Millie, an RA at a university, who gets involved with a professor and some students in a sticky situation. The character development in this book is insane – there are so many layers! There are also some funny bits too. Definitely took me back to dorm life in college some too.

The Improbable Meet-Cute collection

I also read four of these amazon short stories that came out in January!! I was SO excited about these. They are super fast reads (like I read them in 1 to 2 hours each) and just little novellas. So I can’t write a big review, but added some notes below!

Worst Wingman Ever – 4 stars

A story involving note passing, but also a lot of depth. So heart warming.

The Exception to the Rule – 4 stars

My favorite – basically an entire book done in emails! Super cute.

Rosie and the Dreamboat – 4 stars

Such a cute and funny story about a girl trapped in a spa relaxation tank.

Drop, Cover and Hold On  – 3.5 stars

Another cute one that involves and earthquake and being trapped in a bakery. Forced proximity!

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    7 Comments on “What I Read In February 2024.”

  1. I love your what I read posts! We have similar reading tastes. I have been following you on Goodreads…but don’t ever see your updates in my feed. I just looked and you haven’t updated since 2021????? I would love to get daily/weekly updates!

  2. I follow you on Goodreads but never see any updates?

  3. lovely covers

  4. I read Maybe Once, Maybe Twice in February also and LOVED it!! Get your hands on her first book Bad Luck Bridesmaid if you can — also very good (not quite as good, but almost!)

  5. After reading this yesterday, I bought The Women last night and finished it just now. It was so good! Thank you for the recommendation.

  6. First Lie Wins was awesome. And 
    None of this is True was so good! 

  7. You have to read Ask for Andrea by Noelle West lhli it is such a different book. I know you don’t normally read a lot of thrillers but this one was fabulous.