amazon favorites

We’re in the midst of the amazon spring sale and I thought this was the best time to share my faves with you! You can see some of my favorites from that sale here. But the whole thing inspired me to do one of these general favorite posts because I LOVE reading them from other people. I mean, who doesn’t love discovering a great find that can be dropped on your doorstep in two days?

I probably discovered almost all of these things from posts and IG stories just like this!

If you’re a regular follower, you’ve read about many of these in my favorites posts over the last decade! I also still have my amazon store front which has reading lists, summer favorites, baby and kid must haves and gift guides. And more!

Share some of your faves below with me!

Current Amazon Favorites

Parchment paper sheets. I have repurchased these a million times. I’ve used them for years and it’s the best way to use parchment paper with ease.

Diamond kosher salt. I also get my kosher salt from amazon! Diamond is my favorite kind, no matter what. This is also where I get my giant tub of flaked salt too.

Rotary cheese grater. This has been LIFE CHANGING!! If you are adamant about grating your own cheese (the best for tacos, mac and cheese, soup, etc), this is a must have. It suctions to the counter and grates cheese so quickly. It’s the best.

Loaf cake keeper. As a banana bread family, we use this every week! I also keep my sourdough sandwich bread in it too.

Farmhouse stonewear bowls. Speaking of sourdough, I needed a very heavy stone bowl to stretch and fold my dough. This is perfect. And it’s neutral and pretty too.

Simple Modern trek tumbler. I’ve raved about these for years so I’ll keep it simple: much better than Stanley. Spill proof, sleeker, lighter, etc.

Frost Buddy tumbler cup. I also LOVE this little tumbler for drive thru coffee! You can use it with cold and hot coffee.

Scout insulated cooler. This is my go-to cooler to use with kids. When I want to throw in some yogurts, fruit, etc but not pack full-on lunch boxes, this is awesome. It’s the best size! Also love using it for sports in the warm weather.

Motion sensor night lights. We have these all over our home. Wonderful with having kids.

Lightweight gold step ladder. I bought a few of these when we moved – we now have four! They are SO slim and lightweight – I like to store them all over the place. This sounds crazy but they are actually just so pretty to look at.

Press iron and steamer. I loathe ironing and this has changed that for me. This is like a flat iron for your clothing. I use it every week.

Pumiey bodysuits. I never thought I’d be a bodysuit person but these have changed me. They are like if a light lululemon align material was made into a bodysuit. And I love all the cuts!

Best no-show socks. The only socks that don’t slip AT ALL. They are the very best. I almost exclusively wear these.

Kitsch silk scrunchies. These silk scrunchies are what I use in my hair anytime I put it up while at home. I adore them.

Manta scalp massager brush. I bought both my mom and myself one of these for christmas. It’s a more gentle scalp brush and it’s flexible too.

Kenra blow dry spray. I’ve been using this for over a decade. Excellent heat protector and I swear it cuts my blow drying time in half.

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. This is a polarizing product but I love it. It’s almost like a vaseline. I use it every night on my lips and hands. It is always on my nightstand.

Vitamin d3+k2 spray. Use this daily and have for years. One of my favorite supplements!

Cordless stick vacuum. I’m on my second one of these (the first broke in our move) and I love it. This is my kitchen vacuum. It’s so incredibly lightweight and it is excellent for crumbs. I can’t live without this.

Washing machine cleaner. I use this every month!! We do a ridiculous amount of laundry in our house.

De Solv It laundry saver. This has saved so many of my lululemon clothes – and anything else that has a lot of modal in it. This removes stains even after clothes have been in the dryer. I have yet to find something it doesn’t work on.

Mattress vacuum cleaner. I was influenced to purchase this and it’s fabulous. It’s actually gross how much it picks up from the mattresses. Gross and satisfying.

Felt tip pens. If you’re a pen and paper person, these are GOLD. Love how they write.

(none of this is sponsored, I just love to talk about what I like!)