10 weeks into the year!

Here’s another weekly post where I ramble about being obsessed with my kids!

All Jordy needs is a truck and some rocks.

Baked pasta for dinner one night.

Magnatiles on the garage door.

So proud!

Writing everyone she loves. I can’t handle her!

Her leopards didn’t really match but how could I tell her no?

Mini BFFs at the library.

Randomly found this on my phone this week. Emilia!!

Lots of hockey this week!

Also went to disney on ice with cousins!!

The hand hold!

So many princess dresses to choose from… she decided to wear belle!

The LOVED it.


She was the PERFECT age for this! Loved it so much.

More games for Max today too!

Best hockey cheering babes!

Jordy always says let’s do “funny faces!!”

He has us laughing constantly.

And it’s a new week! Crazy!