Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

My favorite little leprechauns on the planet.


I made my cheeseburger sliders one night for dinner and they were just SO good.

Emilia started tennis this week!

Cutest brothers watching.

Takes his kindle everywhere.


Emilia also got to be principal for the day at school. It was SO cute.

And then… it was HAIRCUT DAY!!!

Who is this child?!?

Oh my gosh, I can’t even handle him! He’s such a little BOY now.

Lovebug BFFs.

When he sees a picture of himself now, he says “that’s Max!”

We had a big hockey weekend with playoffs.

Emilia had basketball!

Her perfect little jump though!

Ate all the snacks at all the games.

We looooove watching Max.

The leprechaun dyed her milk green this morning!

Annnnd this is how your reap the benefits of being the third child… all the older siblings friends’ birthday parties!