tuesday things

1. This flourless pistachio cake is incredible. Need to make it.

2. It’s so light and bright and sunny now. Forced to come out of hibernation!

3. I often put on the siriusxm fly station which plays the best 90s hip hop, etc. They play a lot of Aaliyah it def feels like 1997 again!

4. Rest if you must, but don’t quit!

5. TV things!! Okay, Love is Blind is still crazy. Why am I on pins and needles waiting for such wonderful trash to come out on Wednesday?! Mind numbingly delicious.

6. I was obsessed with the farmers almanac when I was a kid. I think I thought it predicted the future.

7. Planning on rainbow ordering my library bookshelves today and this brings me more joy than it should.

8. 10 food facts you’re wrong about.