tuesday things

1. Daylight saving time makes me so ridiculously happy. The fact that is no longer feels like the day is over by 5PM is a miracle!

2. How on earth are there so many different flavors of peeps?!

3. My go-to snack on the weekends for the kids is to make a giant tray of fruit and veg (maybe a dip too) and set it out multiple times a day. Everyone goes crazy for it. Ridiculously easy too.

4. Make your home into a Nancy Meyers house on a budget. This is my goal forever and ever!

5. TV things!! Just started watching The Traitors! Also can’t wait for Love is Blind this week. Eeeep.

6. What to do when you wake up in the middle of the night. Oh, wait, so I shouldn’t look at my phone for an hour? Weird.

7. The Oscar looks!! Emily Blunt was my fave. Zendaya too!

8. The seven laws of success!