tuesday things

1. The amount of ketchup we go through in this house is alarming. My kids will dip anything in ketchup. It’s kind of horrifying.

2. This cherry blossom cake is STUNNING.

3. Spring cleaning is in full effect over here. I still have some stuff to unpack since our move but also ready to declutter closets – mine and the kids.

4. Speaking of spring, I’m looking for the BEST most comfortable outdoor furniture at a reasonable price point. I want a really big dining table, a few chairs, a couch, etc. But nothing too pricey because it basically gets destroyed in the elements here. You know, I go down the rabbit hole of RH and find myself with a 13K fire table in my cart. Um, not reasonable!

5. How to mute friends and not alienate people. This made me laugh. Mute button for life.

6. TV things! Currently watching Apples Never Fall on peacock and LOVING it. The cast is incredible. I read the book years ago. It’s good!

7. I will not lie. I am fully immersed in the “where is Kate!” speculation but also think it’s outlandish and wild.

8. One hour each week to change your life.