tuesday things

1. This lemon meringue pie cheesecake is incredible.

2. Emilia puts together the cutest outfits (dresses, boots, sweaters, etc) and dare I say it… my six year old is making me want to dress up more.

3. How to cook for a better cook than you.

4. TV things!! Finished Apples Never Fall (adored it) and now I’m watching Palm Royale. Oh my gosh. I love it so much. So many of my favorites in the cast.

5. Spring is the best time for organizing!

6. Pretty sure the thing I’m looking forward to the most with warmer weather is that all of my favorite authors have books releasing soon! Summer reading list is already in the works. Too soon?!

7. Why are we all so obsessed with Nancy Meyers films?

8. I mean, to be real, I’ve wanted the black prada backpack since watching The Parent Trap in 1998. So there’s that.