This week!!

We had a lovely little low key post Easter week.

We could live at Barnes and Noble and the library.

The kids adore it.

Don’t mind my tween taking a giant stanley to school.

Tennis is Emilia’s favorite sport so far!

My dad showed up with this ginormous coconut cream pie from a local diner.

And our whole weekend was spent watching Emilia’s spring play!! She was in the The Little Mermaid and has been working so hard since January!

We had all the snacks to keep this guy occupied.

She was SO good and just loves this. She loves to sing so much and it is super fun for her because they usually do Disney junior performances.

Max’s turn to sit through her shows after she sits through his hockey games!!

She is the sweetest girl ever.

She had two performances and got all these flowers from friends and family. We all adore her.

And now onto a new week!