We started off the week with the eclipse!!!

The kids were off school for this… and I almost didn’t even get the glasses.

I’m so glad I did because it was so cool!

Loved experiencing this with them.

It didn’t get completely dark here, but it was noticeably darker!

Recipe fail!! Whomp whomp.

Emilia can feed the sourdough starter all on her own now.

Took a little trip to urban air to get the wiggles out.

They love it.

Emilia got to bring home the class “pet” this week – thank goodness it’s not a real one. She took it to tennis.

We sat in the rain while she played!

This is what a two hour target trip does to you.

Fave girl!

I couldn’t find Jordan for a minute. Came over and here he was. My heart!!!

Made sourdough pizza with our pet too.

Sourdough crust is the best.

We’re still very into puzzles over here.

Friday night we went to see our school’s musical!

Eddie took Jordan BACK to target. His favorite place.

Sugar high before bed.

Max loves all the trading cards.

Saturday we celebrated my cutie pie niece’s birthday!

I think Jordan needs a ponycycle.

Made a triple batch of sourdough waffles this morning because everyone LOVES them. Lots in the freezer now.

I can practically smell them through the screen.

Masters sunday morning!!

We got the taste of the masters this year so that is what we ate today!

It was good! I think we’d get it again.

And now a new week!