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April Favorites.

A peek at everything I loved in April 2024!


Bubbly Bellini Bliss. I still can’t get enough of this flavor of seltzer. Oh my gosh! It is summer heaven and I love it.

32 ounces of vanilla bean paste. Cue all the heart eyes! This is the best purchase ever. I will never run out.

Thin Mint Bites. I was prepared to be underwhelmed and the exact opposite happened. These taste like tiny mint truffles and they are incredible.


Tineco iFloor 3 Breeze. This has been life changing. Since moving in the fall I haven’t been able to find anything to successfully clean my floors. I’ve spent a lot and returned a lot. This is INCREDIBLE. It’s so smooth and easy to use too.

Small portable folding table. I got these last year but they have been great to take to baseball practices for Jordan. He can use these for play or eating. They are so compact and light.

Dagne dover tech organizer. Another thing I’ve gone through multiples of – cord organizers. I should have just got this one in the first place. It’s the best!

Neck and shoulder relaxer. I have always held tension in my upper back and neck. This is remedying that super well.


Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Luminous Blush. Oh my gosh – this might be my most favorite blush ever. It is a blush/highlighter combo and so gorgeous. My favorite shade is Happy.

Killian Sunkissed Goddess. This may be my new summer scent. It’s as if bronze goddess and soleil de blanc had a baby. SO summery.

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Gloss. I bought this by accident but it was a gorgeous shade! I tried it and instantly fell in love. Excellent gloss!


A New Day Sandals. These are so comfortable, I love the shade for summer and could not beat the price.

Free People Button Up Shirt. I am very dedicated to a denim shirt but this may be my new favorite – ever. I just bought the other colors. It runs huge but it is so soft. A must have!

Pumeiy V Neck T shirts. This brand is my favorite for bodysuits, but now I am loving the t-shirt too. As a note, this looks cropped but I am so short, it is not cropped on me. If you’re tall, it might be too short!

Dagne Dover sunglasses case. One of the best purchases of the year. This case holds 3 pairs of glasses (so I use it for my everyday glasses, then 2 sunglasses) and the color heatwave is amazing. I want the entire line in that color.


Palm Royale. I’m obsessed with this show and can’t get enough. I feel like I’m in a total 60s era.

Just For The Summer. Favorite book of the month, by far. Abby Jimenez can do no wrong!

Til Death Do Us Part podcast. Clearly I’m in my murder podcast era too. I only like the ones about husbands and wives (no kids can be involved. and yes, Eddie thinks I’m nuts) and this one is excellent. I’ve almost exhausted their list. It’s a husband/wife recording and they are so funny – I love them.


Divided serving box with handle. This has been my dinner box, mostly for Jordan. I pack it up with snacks/dinner/etc and take it to our evening activities for the older kids. He loves it!

The best bubble machine! We’ve had this for years but I just ordered a new one. Nothing beats this bubble blower!! It puts out so many bubbles at one time. It’s super fun.

Lego sunflowers. Both Max and Emilia are super into legos and adored building these. They each got one and they are so pretty!

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]


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    6 Comments on “April Favorites.”

  1. 1000% on board with the bubly Bellini bliss. So happy they brought it back! 

  2. ok but WHAT BRA are we wearing with the backless pumiey bodysuits?!!!! i ordered a bodysuit and an exercise tank and i love them, but are we just doing sticky boobs or what? or do i need to buy an align bra now?? if you have any fabulous recs, would love to know! xoxo

    • hahhahaha oh my gosh, i have not tried a backless one. after 3 kids, i don’t think i’m there. LOL

  3. Is the snack box water tight? Like does a sauce (ie ranch) slosh into other compartments? Or I have some boxes where if I put rinsed veg or fruit the water ends up seeping into the crackers if I turn the box on its side, etc. Would love to find one where that doesn’t happen.  

    • yes i know what you mean, i’ve have that experience too. this isn’t water tight as the little compartments are removable. but it’s also really large and has a handle. it could probably feed 4-6! i would never turn it on its side (but my kids’ small bento boxes, i always put them on their side). this is one that either sits on the bottom of my bag or i hold it by the handle. the compartments are large, so i don’t put dip or hummus in these ones. last week i took a smaller container of ranch on the side!

      my kids use the yumboxes for the lunchbox (and we have for over 5 years) – i find that those don’t leak with sauce or water.

  4. I purchased the new day sandals. I haven’t worn them yet, but will probably wear them tomorrow on Mother’s Day, they are super cute. The Bellini bliss seltzer is the best.