tuesday things

1. The best cinco de mayo recipes!

2. Why does it feel like I have to clean out my kids clothes every few weeks?! They grow like weeds.

3. 16 of the best snacks at Trader Joes. I mean, I want to get excited over this, but as soon as I do they will probably discontinue what I love.

4. Current favorite snack: sourdough toast, cottage cheese, strawberries, black pepper, pistachios. YES.

5. TV things!! Still watching Palm Royale, The Gentlemen and just starting Under the Bridge. Oh and of course we are all watching Bluey!

6. How to break dependence on your phone. Eeeeep. Need it.

7. One month until my summer reading list drops!! Very excited for the new Emily Henry today!

8. I’m still so overwhelmed with things we need to do in our new house! One of you told me to stick to one room and finish it completely and I try but then my brain sees something else and I move on. Interior design is my least favorite thing.

9. Speaking of home things! My best purchase of the year is probably this tineco cordless vacuum mop. It is incredible!