We’re getting to the most wonderful time of the book year – all the fun new releases!! I read so many good ones this month!

Let me know what you read down below.

I do have a book of the month membership – I love it so much. That’s where I got Bye Baby from this month. I get so many of my new releases and debut author books there. You can sign up for one here.

All of these books are linked through bookshop (if available!) and I highly suggest shopping through there because it will support your local indie bookstore. You can choose the local bookstore to support! I support Penguin Books when I buy which is my fave here in Pittsburgh.


Expiration Dates – 4.5 stars

This was my favorite of the month!! It was SO GOOD. The story follows a girl who receives a piece of paper (from the universe? I guess.) as soon as (or shortly after) she starts dating someone, and this piece of paper gives her a timeline of how long they will be together. I saw the ending coming and I hoped that it was the ending. I just loved this story so much, however I do wish some of the loose ends were tied up – like how and why did she receive these notes?! Super good though and I was hooked instantly.

The Reason I Married Him – 3.5 stars

I love to read a good Meghan Quinn book at night – it’s fun, light and fluffy and puts me in a relaxed state of mind. I didn’t feel this way when I first started reading them, so they’ve grown on me! This story follows a girl who accepts a proposal from an acquaintance because she wants the land he owns. In turn, he receives something if he is the first married grandchild. It was a good read, one I couldn’t put down, and I love how so many of her books are tied together. They don’t have to be read in order, but many of them have the same characters in them!

A Love Song For Ricki Wilde – 5 stars

Oh my gosh – LOVED this one. It was such a lovely surprise, I didn’t see what was coming. This story follows a girl who leaves her family (and family business) to move to New York. Her family kind of gives off Kardashian vibes in a way, and she is the youngest. The story is told in past and present day and there are lots of twists and turns! If you’re into the whole idea of fate, I think you will love it. The connection and relationships are so good and the epilogue!! Eeeeep!!

Recipe For A Charmed Life – 3.5 stars

This was so super cute. It follows a chef who has a dream to own a restaurant in Paris. But she loses her talent and has a series of disasters one night, which ends up leading her to visit her estranged mother. This place is charming and I just adored it – plus she ends up in a situation with the resident oyster farmer who is a big grump. Loved the ending of this, the relationships and the characters. It was an fun read and while it wasn’t a major page turner for me, I really enjoyed it!

Bye, Baby – 3 stars

I knew going into this one that it was risky. I don’t like reading any thrillers that involve kids, especially babies, and if you read the summary, you’ll know what that means. This story follows two friends – basically a toxic friendship – and their differences in their lives now along with their upbringings. One is tragic, one is more of an escape. There is also an influencer aspect to this book which was fun (and infuriating) to read about. There were parts that went slow for me but also a good majority where I just couldn’t stop reading. It is “scary,” and I did end up ultimately liking it, even though most of the characters were unlikeable.

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