It’s be a lovely week over here!

My favorite babies!! How are they mine?!

I adore them.

Little morning hike.

An Emilia-picked outfit. My fave!

Little farm trip.

Jordan’s fave.


This boy has so much fun while the others are at school!

Wearing Max’s shirt again!

And finishing up his toddler program at school.

Also eats dinner at the baseball field many nights.

It’s flower time!

My started is doing so well. All I’ve done is been consistent!

Dance party every night before bed.

Another Emilia outfit. We had to run to target and this is what she put on at 8am.

Practically a teenager.


Cute little coffee shop.

We had the birthday party circuit this weekend, so we made something easy for dinner. Grilled steak salads for mother’s day! They were SO GOOD.

Lots of cuddle time with my favorites this weekend.

I feel so lucky for this life!!