tuesday things

1. The dreamiest chocolate loaf cake!

2. What scent do you remember your mom/grandmother wearing way back in the day? My mom wore obsession for a while when I was little, and then moved onto Dune, which my grandma also wore. I can still smell it!

3. I need family summer fruit storage ideas for my fridge. We LOVE fruit and go through a ton. I need a better system for storage and having it accessible.

4. TV things!! The Palm Royale finale… what! Is it coming back for another season? Also, just google the maya rudolph SNL open. It was incredible.

5. Maybe I should do the one-room-a-day cleaning method. If you even knew how much I need to clean the kitchen daily… !!!!

6. I have northern lights fomo over here… didn’t see them at all this weekend.

7. Finished reading this summer will be different over the weekend and it was SO good.

8. Restaurants from SATC that are still open today. Interesting!