I’ve done absolutely nothing productive today – besides bake something incredibly inappropriate – because I’ve had my head stuck in this book for the last 24 hours.

I’m a sucker for chick lit and anything summer/beach related. I know you’re probably shocked.

Do you have an awesome summer love story? Can you please tell it to me? As in right now? In the comments?

Indulge me.

You can even make one up.

I want to be 17 again and frolic on the beach.

Or eat a grilled cheese and watch Dancing with the Stars.

Whichever comes first.



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87 Responses to “Summer Love.”

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    kris — May 17, 2011 @ 7:25 pm

    I met my summer love while teaching English overseas in Uganda. I had made a walk down to the local market with a couple of the girls I was living with to pick up a fresh pineapple and some mangoes. While at the market, there was this guy who was sitting outside a store (the owner was a friend of mine) plucking away at a guitar. He wasn’t very good at it, but he was trying. I have my own guitar at home, but didn’t bring it with me for the summer and really missed playing, so I went up to him and asked him if I could play a little. He willingly gave up his guitar and I plucked away for a few minutes. After returning it to him, he asked me if I would be willing to teach him how to play the guitar. I agreed, in exchange for some language lessons in his local language. We exchanged numbers and contact information and went on our ways. A week or so later, he gave me a call. We arranged to meet down at the market for our first lesson. It went well and we got to know eachother. We spent the rest of the summer teaching eachother and hanging out whenever possible. I would see him at least once every day. He eventually started hanging out with me and some of my friends I was living with. We would go to the movies, out for ice cream and explore the country, and he would join us. Leaving Uganda that summer was one of the most difficult things I would ever do. We weren’t “officially” together, but we had a bond that was indescribable. I came back to Canada and would call him every Saturday and talk for an hour or so.

    We kept in great touch and when one of my friends decided to do some travelling the next summer, I suggested Uganda. He said “sure,” so we headed back. Seeing my man again was the best thing ever. We made our relationship official that summer and over the next month and a half, spent every moment we could together when he wasn’t in school.

    The end of that summer was even harder than the one before that, but I knew I’d be back. I “broke it off” with him in the Spring of that next year because I just found it so hard to be apart. We kept talking once a week just because he meant so much to me and I loved him, but I couldn’t face the fact that my “boyfriend” was on the other side of the world. I just figured that would be easier. My friend (the same one as before) went back to Uganda to do his thesis for his masters degree and i tagged along. We didn’t tell my man or any of our friends in Uganda that we were coming. When I went to my man’s house, he saw me and ran away. He didn’t know what to do or say so he bolted. I was furious, but later understood that it was a bit of a shock since we weren’t “together” anymore.

    The next day, I went to his place early in the morning to catch him before school since I couldn’t find him the night before. I woke him up and we chatted for a few minutes before he had to take off for classes. I told him I would be down at the market getting my hair extensions put in. I knew he’d be at school, so I didn’t expect to see him until evening. Just before lunch, he showed up at the salon and spent the rest of the day (11 hours) sitting beside me and holding my hand. I knew right then and there that this was love and that I couldn’t let him go again. We were inseparable for the rest of those two months and got engaged later that summer. We had our first “official” date after our engagement with flowers, chocolates and him paying for everything. (Usually it was the other way around because he didn’t have a lot of money)

    I went back at the end of that summer hoping he’d be able to come and visit me. Visas didn’t go through so we planned a wedding in a small village in Uganda. Most beautiful day of my life. My man is now here in Canada with me for three years now and we have the most love filled, happy life you could ever imagine!

    That’s my summer love story, even though it takes place over a total of 4 summers!


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    Katie — May 17, 2011 @ 10:04 pm

    Summer love bloomed for me last spring. I became acquainted with my friend Luke’s roommate through a series of fall and winter potlucks. Josh was hilarious and endearing, but beyond looking forward to laughing a lot when I spent time with him I didn’t give him much thought. Then, it was announced that Betty White was going to host “Saturday Night Live.” (I know it sounds like I’m veering way off track, but bear with me!) Being the insanely devoted fan of the “Golden Girls” that I am, I knew I had to find a way to watch that SNL episode because I didn’t have cable.

    I instantly thought of Luke who, being the sneaky boy he is, had figured a way to get cable without having to pay for it. Luke was going to be out of town that night, but turns out Josh was available! For the next month after that any time I saw Josh I’d make sure he hadn’t forgotten that I was coming over to watch SNL. Well, not only did he not forget, but he turned down an opportunity to pick up some extra cash at work for me and planned to turn the evening into a date.

    And it was a perfect date.

    I arrived at his house just as he got out of the shower. He didn’t hear me in the house and came barreling out of his room in his underwear–not a bad way to start the evening, if I do say so myself. He took me to a delicious French restaurant where the conversation flowed nonstop for more than 2 hours. After arriving back at his house he poured us some wine and brought out some delicious dark chocolate. SNL was hilarious, but by that point I was having a hard time concentrating on teh show because there was this cute, sweet boy sitting next to me on the sofa. And our arms were *touching*! You know something is right when you are 25 and still feel like a giddy middle school girl around a guy.

    I thought for sure he’d kiss me at the end of the night, but he didn’t. He didn’t kiss me the next time we went out or the next. In fact he waited more than a week, and he finally kissed me as we watched “500 Days of Summer.” He kissed me and told me he’d wanted to do that for a long time, but wanted to wait to show me how important and special it was to him. I looked around for the video camera. Surely I was in a movie, because guys I knew didn’t do or say anything like that! But it wasn’t a movie and I wasn’t watching it happen to somebody on a screen. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

    That summer, Josh spent about 2 months overseas traveling. We kept in touch as best we could through email, but weeks would go by without us having a chance to talk. I didn’t know what would happen when he came back: Would we still have feelings for each other? Would he meet someone while traveling? Would it be awkard between us once he came back? None of my worries or anxieties came to fruition and we picked up exactly where we left off when he came back.

    It’s been a year now. I joke and say that Betty White brought us together, but really it was Josh. It was like he knew something I didn’t, and we’re both better off for it.


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    Ada Ortiz — May 17, 2011 @ 11:55 pm

    Ooh! That’s what’s next to read on my Kindle! I’m new to Elin Hilderbrand but after I read my first book of hers I went out and bought everything else I could find! I’m currently reading “Water for Elephants” and I’m really liking it. But I too love chick lit, one of my favorite authors are Jennifer Weiner, Sophie Kinsella and Luanne Rice, oh and of course Elin Hilderbrand!


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    jonee — May 18, 2011 @ 12:01 am

    My love has been out of the country working for the past 6 months and is coming home in 24 days. Thats kind of like a summer love story right?


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    Jen — May 18, 2011 @ 10:42 am

    My current love and I met in the summer… 4 years ago. It didn’t work out then but a couple of months ago we both ended up at the same Washington Capitals game in D.C. (a game that he almost didn’t go to… but changed the date of his game of choice) but we didn’t run into each other. I knew he was there and was trying to get a hold of him on Facebook but he didn’t get my messages til he left the game. Lucky for me he still had my phone number!


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    Jessica — May 18, 2011 @ 3:54 pm



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    The Brown-Eyed Girl — May 23, 2011 @ 3:06 pm

    Sigh. I shouldn’t have started reading these. Now I can’t stop! I am in love with love. :)
    My husband and I started dating at the beginning of a long Arizona summer. Those months were filled with afternoons out on his boat, taking road trips to Vegas and California, and making out in his truck (no matter how hot it was outside). Sometimes he would come straight to my house after getting off work and throw rocks at my window to get my attention. Nothing beats the thrill I felt when sneaking out of the house and into his arms. We would lay in the back of his truck, look up at the stars, and just talk.
    He told me he loved me after only a couple months of dating. I couldn’t say it back, which hurt him, but he didn’t give up on me. Occasionally he would tell me again, “I love you,” knowing he’d probably only get silence in response. Until finally, after camping with him and his family in Oregon for a week, I realized I did love him. My last night in Oregon, when he told me he loved me, I said it back. I’ll never forget the way his eyes lit up when I said it. He was so happy he made me say it again.
    Now after three years of marriage I can’t believe there was ever a time I wasn’t sure I loved him. He is my best friend. I have never been so happy.


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    SYdney — May 25, 2011 @ 7:41 pm

    You should read Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen or the particular Sadness of lemon cake


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    Lauren — June 6, 2011 @ 12:03 pm

    I spent my sixteenth summer with a boy who I had adored since I was twelve. He was beautiful. Tall, muscalar, sandy blond hair, blue-green eyes, and full lips. We live on the coast of North Carolina…yes, think Nicholas Sparks, although I really don’t like the guy….and we spent that summer making out in cars/trucks, dancing under stars, dancing at weddings, splashing in the surf, riding down the beach on a four-wheeler at midnight, visiting Lookout Light by night, doing all kinds of unmentionable things in the dunes, and carrying on with our friends.

    When I look back on that summer, I can’t believe how incredibly amazing it was. Even the strawberries were sweeter than usual. I was a tall, thin, blonde driving a black sports car and dating the boy of my dreams down by the sea.


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    Stacy — June 6, 2011 @ 8:07 pm

    I actually just married my summer love last weekend!! :)

    OK, so we’ve been together for 6 years – but it started out as summer love for sure. We met at summer camp. Yes that’s right. We worked at the same summer camp for high school youth group in the summer of 2005, and we haven’t looked back since. After 2 (LONG) years of dating long distance (I was in college in AZ and he was in CA), and an even LONGER year of long distance (he graduated and moved to Washington, DC, so we dated across the country that year), we moved in together in DC. He popped the question over Labor Day weekend 2009, we recently moved to LA (he’s in grad school at UCLA now) and we were just married last weekend :)

    I am absolutely ENAMORED with your blog! Keep the deliciousness and humor coming!! :)



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    Carly — August 17, 2015 @ 1:09 am

    I go to an all girls camp and we have a dance with a nearby all boys camp every year. I’ve swing danced to country music under the summer moon for the past three years with the same guy. At the end of this year’s dance, he said goodnight and goodbye to me with a heart shaped rock. He held up the rough side of the rock and said, “This is me without you.” Then he flippled the rock over to the smooth side and said, “This is me with you.”



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