1. I’m obsessed with your summer love stories.

2. I’m obsessed with you on Facebook and Twitter too. You told me it was okay to eat ice cream for dinner. You’re wise.

3. I should probably stay away from the ice cream, since I can’t keep my grubby little hands out of these.

4. It has been raining for the last 7 years of my life.

5. ……… or the last 7 days. I’m excellent at exaggerating.

6. For the 3 seconds over the weekend when it wasn’t raining, I got to see this. Pretty.

7. True story: I often need 2-3 days to mourn the ending of a good book. I get waaaaay too caught up in that stuff.

8. If you’re feeling saucy, you should make this for dinner. Oldie but goodie. Actually, oldie but greaty.




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47 Responses to “Tuesday Things.”

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    Naomi — May 17, 2011 @ 6:54 pm

    what book are you reading?!! and omg when I was living at home last summer right outside my window was a birds nest that looked exactly like that! they were the most gorgeous blue I had ever seen!!


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    Jen of My My Tiny Oven — May 17, 2011 @ 6:54 pm

    I agree ice cream makes a great dinner, so does popcorn, in case were wondering!
    Oh and you should totally get the puppy they are the cutest!!
    It has been raining here for the last 7 years too, so I feel your pain! I will send sunny vibes!


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    Haley @ The Girly Girl Cooks — May 17, 2011 @ 6:57 pm

    I get really sad after finishing a book too! It’s like losing a friend!


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    Dishes of Mrs. Fish — May 17, 2011 @ 7:02 pm

    It’s been raining forever here too…..indoor recess is driving my third graders and myself insane. Indoor recess with ten days left of school is cruel and unusual punishment….


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    Mara @ What's For Dinner? — May 17, 2011 @ 7:02 pm

    I got so sad at the ending of books when I was younger that my mom stopped buying me new ones for a while! So then I’d just read the same books over and over.


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    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey — May 17, 2011 @ 7:04 pm

    I need time to mourn after a good book too! I cannot start a new one right away – mainly because I get all confused because I’m still thinking about the old one!


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    Leslie — May 17, 2011 @ 7:05 pm

    Oh Wow! How crazy, I am totally making the chicken romano for dinner tonight and not because of this post. It has been on my menu plan for weeks for tonight specifically. That is so strange that you posted this. What does it mean?!?


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    Tara @ TheButterDish.net — May 17, 2011 @ 7:11 pm

    I’m with you Jess! I get WAY too caught up in the story and if I feel the ending has left strings untied, sadly I admit…..yes I do go write the “rest of the story”.

    Sadly it’s probably why after 7 years my own novel is still unfinished.

    What book have you sunk into this week?


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    Cait @ Beyond Bananas — May 17, 2011 @ 7:14 pm

    I love how blue those eggs are. It has been raining a ton here too. I am ready for the waters to just sweep me away if I don’t see some blue skies soon!


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    Gen — May 17, 2011 @ 7:15 pm

    Its rainy here too…..ugh can’t WAIT for pretty weather!!! :D


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    Holly @ The Runny Egg — May 17, 2011 @ 7:38 pm

    That nest is so cute!!!


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    Jessica @ Acting Adult — May 17, 2011 @ 7:47 pm

    I’ve always wondered why I can’t jump from one novel into another. Maybe I need to “mourn” before picking up a new one!


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    Mellias W. — May 17, 2011 @ 7:54 pm

    I cried, I mean really cried when I finished a book about Josephine Bonaparte. I went to my husband for a hug and he said “You knew she was dead when you started the book”. Not helpful.


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    Melissa (MelissaLikesToEat) — May 17, 2011 @ 7:59 pm

    It rained here in San Diego too today.
    Sometimes I get so caught up in book that I don’t want to start another! I need to “let it go” first. :)


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    Ashley H — May 17, 2011 @ 8:25 pm

    OH I*m so with you on the book ending thing!!! I get so upset, it*s horrible!! I feel like I lost some good friends! LoL What*s worse is I*m 28yrs old and I love love love YA books. So a part of my 10yr ago life that I*m reliving at the time dies again too! LoL -=D


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    Christina — May 17, 2011 @ 8:28 pm

    1. I really want to try those sunflower seeds.

    2. It’s also been raining for the last seven years of my life. And it’s been cold. What’s up with that May!?

    3. I hate it when a good book ends too. I won’t pick up another book days.


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    my little celebration — May 17, 2011 @ 8:35 pm

    “oldie but a greatie.” You’re hilarious.

    I made your creamy caprese pasta for dinner last night and it was amazing. Thanks for coming up with (and sharing) such a simple, delicious recipe. My husband and I both enjoyed it thoroughly and I will be making it again.

    nighty night!


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    Ashley's Cooking Adventures — May 17, 2011 @ 8:37 pm

    I am in complete agreement with the mourning the end of a great book. I just finished The Help and I am in serious grieving, I really did not want that book to end!

    That chicken romano looks excellent, maybe for dinner next week?!


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    Kat @ Living Like the Kings — May 17, 2011 @ 9:11 pm

    haha i love oldie but greaty


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    Jessie K — May 17, 2011 @ 9:15 pm

    I love series because the characters just keep living on! I hate it when I come to the end of a really good series (or book!)!


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    Paige @ Running Around Normal — May 17, 2011 @ 9:30 pm

    I get that way with books, too! I literally miss the characters!


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    Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga) — May 17, 2011 @ 9:55 pm

    those blue eggs and nest is so beautiful it looks FAKE! like staged easter egg chocolates in a nest…omg, how gorgeous!

    and rain. go away!

    those TJs choc sunflower seeds..everyone talks about them, I MUST try them now!


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    Liz @ Tip Top Shape — May 17, 2011 @ 10:21 pm

    I am the same with books!! I never want a good one to end!


  24. #
    Kristen — May 17, 2011 @ 11:15 pm

    I feel the same way after reading a book! I think it is like having a mild case of Postpartum depression! I miss the characters. I want their lives and their stories to keep going!


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    Stephanie — May 17, 2011 @ 11:36 pm

    I’m not a huge fan of Denny’s but I just heard on the radio that they have maple bacon ice cream as part of their Baconalia celebration… Instantly thought of you.


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    Joanna (DrizzleofSunshine) — May 18, 2011 @ 12:08 am

    Hahah I have that same mourning period when I finish a book. It’s hard for me to get back to reality. I LOVE those blue eggs. That’s so awesome you got to see that!


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    Heather (Heather's Dish) — May 18, 2011 @ 12:44 am

    oh my gosh i do the same thing with books…i can’t get over until a couple days later!


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    Aimee Shugarman — May 18, 2011 @ 6:56 am

    I am the same way with books, too funny! That’s the sign of a good book, the length of the mourning process.

    The birds nest is so pretty. Love the picture!

    As for the sunflower seeds, I’ve tried and I don’t like them. Something tastes funny to me. But they are so pretty (you can get them in any color now at Michaels too), they make cute “sprinkles” on cupcakes.


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    Michelle — May 18, 2011 @ 7:15 am

    I am totally the same with books!! When I read them, I get so caught up in them that it’s as if I am in the book itself playing the main character!! Then their mood affects my mood for the day until I read it again. Then I get super confused as to my own life and the character’s life!! Okay, maybe that’s a little crazy. But that’s how it is for me! Especially V.C. Andrews books and Philippa Gregory!!

    Love love love your blog by the way! It always makes my day!!


  30. #
    Ashley — May 18, 2011 @ 8:03 am

    loooooove the sunflower seeds. i went to a fro-yo place in china and they had these on the toppings bar. it was love at first sight. and then they totally met my expectations.


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    Kim in MD — May 18, 2011 @ 8:41 am

    I agree with you on all counts! Oh- and it has been raining here in Maryland since Friday night. I am really sick of it and looking forward to seeing that bright yellow ball in the sky again!


  32. #
    angela — May 18, 2011 @ 8:56 am

    yum, gotta love those choco-covered sunflower seeds. have you tried the choco-covered pomegranate seeds from TJ’s? would think those would be yummy on ice cream too! :)


    • Jessica — May 18th, 2011 @ 8:59 am

      Oh yes – love them!


  33. #
    Abby — May 18, 2011 @ 8:58 am

    I HATE THE RAIN!!!! but i love those sunflower seeds!


  34. #
    Yammie @ Yammie's Noshery — May 18, 2011 @ 9:44 am

    That nest is so pretty!


  35. #
    Jaime @ la vie...j'aime — May 18, 2011 @ 9:51 am

    oh i must try those yummy sunflower seeds!


  36. #
    Kristi — May 18, 2011 @ 10:09 am

    I mourn books too when they are over. I get so caught up in the story that I never want it to end.


  37. #
    Taylor @ Delish World — May 18, 2011 @ 10:46 am

    I was just thinking about that yesterday. I always get sad whenever a book is over. I get waaaay too invested in the characters.


  38. #
    Jihane @Sinful Sundays — May 18, 2011 @ 2:15 pm

    Wow. Those eggs are crazy gorgeous.


  39. #
    Claire @ Live and Love to Eat — May 18, 2011 @ 2:27 pm

    The sun was shining for about 35 minutes today, I’m sorry if you missed it!

    And I find myself reading the end of a good book so so slowly, hoping somehow it will continue on…


  40. #
    Wendy — May 18, 2011 @ 4:30 pm

    I just found your website yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to learn you are from Pittsburgh! I live in Johnstown, where it never stops raining…ever…I swear. Hence the Great Johnstown Flood. Hang in there ’til Saturday…it’s supposed to clear up and be nice! Anyway, I get attached to books, too. I’m currently reading “Someone Knows My Name” and I’ve been wondering if it would be totally wrong to call off work to stay home and finish a book. I’m craving a banana split from Valley Dairy for dinner.


  41. #
    Melissa @ Journey to Marvelous — May 18, 2011 @ 4:34 pm

    Beautiful nest! It makes me miss the hummingbird nest that was outside my office window a month or so ago. The baby hummingbirds grew up and flew away….

    And, I always mourn the end of the good book too. I always want them to go on and on!!!


  42. #
    Kelly — May 19, 2011 @ 9:39 am

    That birds nest is beautiful! Raining in Maine too…forever…


  43. #
    Amanda — May 19, 2011 @ 10:33 am

    Just ‘liked’ you on FB… sorry it took so long! :)


  44. #
    Foodiebia — May 19, 2011 @ 4:58 pm

    I need to stop reading your blog. You lead me into temptation way too much. First those honey sesame almonds from TJ’s and now these darn sunflower seeds! I can’t stop eating them!


  45. #
    Hannah — May 22, 2011 @ 9:40 pm

    Those chocolate sunflower seeds are so tasty! Once I start with those, I can’t stop. (or any other chocolate) They make cute cupcake decorations too!



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