Yes. I am posting a picture of a potty.









Yes. One in my house. See that beautiful ring around the water? I guess it’s time to clean the toilets.



This would rank up there as my most despised grown-up chore.




And yes, I may have been a spoiled brat and never had to scrub the inside of a toilet in my younger years. And when I lived here, I never touched the toilet because I was afraid of the infectuous diseases I may catch. I popped alot of squats.




How often are you even supposed to clean toilets? I clean them after about 3 weeks of seeing this ring. But it is usually just because I’m afraid something is going to jump up and bite me. Like some kind of fungus monster.




For those of you that will probably never visit again since I just posted a dirty toilet on my potential food blog, please note that I live with 1 man, and have 2 brothers that frequently visit.



That should explain it. And please send help.