This is my good friend Kema.



 Everyone say ‘Hi Kema!!!’























Ok, yes I know that second picture is not the best quality and kind of blurry. But I have good reason as I had to lie, cheat and steal to get this picture.





Not really. But it took a long time of badgering Kema for her to finally give me this photo.






Isn’t she gorgeous? This picture was taken on her wedding day (duh. unless she dresses up in gowns to get her picture taken) in the Bahamas 3 years ago. She really is a beautiful person inside and out. Her personality is contagious.




I heart her.





I began training Kema in early 2008.



I beat the crap out of her. In a nice, safe way. She can attest.






We spent many evenings together and soon became great friends. This girl is awesome. She is a labor & delivery nurse, bringing beautiful, teeny-weeny babies into the world everyday.





She once told me that when I come to give birth, she will refuse to give me any pain medication as payback for all of the workouts I’ve put her through.





Now that’s not very nice.





Kema and her hubby went back to the Bahamas this June for some R & R.






She totally deserved it.












 Don’t ya think?





This girl has worked harder than MANY people I know. She is my motivation now. 


Surgery-free. Made with blood, sweat and tears. She took off over 120 lbs.




I just wanted to share a bit of her story with you.





Check out that rockin’ new bod she now owns.











And I’m sure she will still be rockin’ that bod someday as I scream with labor pains while she denies me an epidural.