Or shall I say – what’s in THIS name?

‘How Sweet It Is’ encompasses pretty much everything I could ever think to write about at this point…including my comfort-obsession with James Taylor’s music. It takes me back to my childhood (which was phenomenal, by the way), long car rides to vacation destinations with my family (who are also phenomenal), and even the tumultuous years of college when I would put on his songs to try and find myself again…

I’ve gotten way off point! Be aware, it will happen often, just ask my wonderful husband, who has to listen to all my blubbering. He is probably getting good at PRETENDING to listen to my antics. Hmmm..I should look into that..

My ramblings will include, but of course not be limited to my love of BAKING and COOKING, fitness and nutrition, and family fun. Sometimes I cook healthy. Sometimes I love to use tons of butter and bacon grease. Is that a crime these days? But yes, I still love fitness and nutrition. Do I have to practice what I preach?

I try, I swear!