Isn’t that what EVERYONE strives to acheive?  At least that’s what everyone talks about, including me. I like to pretend I’m striving for something MORE than balance, something that sounds ‘cooler’ and more unique. But…

..that’s really just another way of saying I’m striving for balance. Balance between steamed broccoli (ugh!) and lobster mac n’ cheese (yum!). Balance between having a fun, cocktail filled night and falling asleep at 7:52(PM!!!) on Friday night. Balance between wanting to raise a family and wanting a high power career…but I guess that can be decided later. And my husband hopes MUCH later. :)

Balance between:

Assorted fruit




I didn’t really start to blog in order to find balance. I started to blog because I’m BORED. Confused, frazzled, dramatic, crazy, and manic are all on the list too. I am a newleywed in the midst of changing careers, and for the first time I really have to be a GROWN UP.

I do not like it one bit.

I won’t lie.

I hate it.  

However, there are many things I absolutely LOVE. I am extremely passionate (which, at times is synonomus with insane) about life in general. I love life. I especially love MY life. I have been very blessed, lucky, fortunate – whatever you want to call it – I have a great life! I got married in October of 08 to a wonderful guy. We can call him ‘Mr. Hunt’ – a nickname that my irritating loveable brother named him in the beginning since he was older than me by 10 years. Well, ok, it is really 9 years, but I AM known to be dramatic.

I am the oldest of 3 and suffer a bit from ‘first child syndrome,’ constantly trying to please everyone and beating myself up when I don’t. I love, love, LOVE to bake – which most likely came from my grandmother who was the queen of making excellent pies. I also love to cook, yet hate using recipes. It takes all the fun and creativeness out of things. I am a certified personal trainer, have an undying passion for fitness and health, and love to hang out with my hubby and family.

That is me in a nutshell.

Oh yeah.

One more thing.

I usually am always right. And by usually, I mean always.

Welcome aboard. Here’s to finding balance, while pretending we aren’t looking. :)