Ok I will admit – I am definitely that person that can now say ‘my mom was always right.’

How annoying was it when we were younger and she thought she was right but we just knew she was definitely wrong???

I’m just glad that I found out the truth sooner rather than later. Once she said to me ‘no matter where you go and what you do, someone there will always know your mother’ and that certainly scared the bejesus out of me. In many situations I STILL look around and silently wonder ‘which one of you here knows my mother?’ In some instances there was someone around that knew my mother…which annoyed scared me even more because she was right!

The big ones that she was right about?

My Own Phone.

Ohmigosh-goodness-gracious did I want my own phone so, so badly. And no, we aren’t talking about cell phones here. Those barely existed. I just wanted a phone in MY room. And I also wanted my own phone line. My own personal number. Because apparently when I was 10 years old we had a money tree in our front yard.

I’m not sure where that came from – I went to a VERY small school with the same 25 kids (give or take 2) from kindergarten to 8th grade. I don’t recall any of them having their own phone line. Maybe DJ from Full House had her own line? I’m guessing I saw it on TV at some point when I was secretly trying to watch trash on HBO.

There was a bright pink, clear telephone at Radio Shack that I prayed I would open on Christmas morning for about 6 years. I never got it. And thank goodness I didn’t because I can’t imagine how many hours of my life I would have wasted away in my room on my phone. Probably talking to people I shouldn’t be and making plans that I shouldn’t be making.

Thank goodness we have the internet to do that for us now.

Co-ed Sleepovers

Who in the world came up with this one? A bunch of 15-17 year olds sleeping together in the same room at the threshold of raging horomones? WHY? I am so glad I was never, ever, ever allowed to participate in this. I am so glad my youth was preserved. I could not for the life of me understand why my parents wouldn’t let me go. If I was going to do anything, I could do it somewhere, sometime in the middle of the day. That was my argument. Why couldn’t I go to an innocent sleepover with boys AND girls?

Am I crazy for thinking this already at age 26? Does this make me ‘uncool?’ If so, I really don’t care because I am so glad my parents never condoned such a thing.

Happy Meals

Growing up we rarely went out to eat as a family. My mom would cook almost every night, and her and my dad would usually have a ‘date’ night on the weekend (I love that about them), which meant we had a babysitter and powdered macaroni and cheese. I remember BEGGING for a Happy Meal. Maybe because I wanted the toy, or just wanted some fries, but either way, we only got one a couple times a year. Maybe 4? I felt so deprived. Wow, am I glad she was right about this one.


It’s true, my mom really has no idea what ‘whole wheat’ means. She doesn’t understand why my dad doesn’t spread butter on white bread with dinner, or eat white pasta or breaded chicken. She never cooked unhealthy, she just never jumped on the whole wheat bandwagon. She always said real butter was the best. She never ate large quantities, and just eats it occasionally.

And she doesn’t look like she eats butter all day.


This probably came from my grandmother, who practically bathed in butter, lard and bacon grease. See, I’m telling you it’s genetic. But, I think most of us can agree with this one – I’d rather eat a bit of real butter than use a giant tub of the fake stuff.


About 2 weeks before 7th grade, I asked my mom if I could shave my legs. For some reason, I was SCARED TO DEATH to ask this question. I wrote about it in my diary for months before I asked. I guess I was afraid of the rejection? So weird. After I mustered up the courage, I finally asked one day while she was outside watering her flowers. She said no. She said it was such a pain to shave, and once you start, you always have to do it.

I am not italian, but you would guess otherwise. My hair is dark brown, so I finally become self concious about this as I was reaching 7th grade. Which apparently is very strange, since girls shave their legs now in…..what? 4th grade? Yep, I’m a huuuuge dork.

Anyway, I rebelled. I planned it out. And I woke up super early on the first day of 7th grade, stole a razor and some shave gel, and shaved my legs. I also wore a skirt. Did I think she was stupid? She didn’t say anything for a few months, but eventually she just casually asked if I was and I responded ‘yes.’ Obviously she was right – is it not one of the biggest pains?


French Fries and Gravy.


Growing up she always mentioned how amazing french fries and gravy were together. I thought this was so gross. We never had them and she never ate them around us. In fact, I don’t think she’d had them since college. I once ordered a side of fries and a side of gravy in college, too. Have you ever had this? O. M. G.

Order it today. Just make sure you don’t attempt to try on your skinny jeans.